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Taiwanese Optical Companies and TAITRA Discover FantasticNew Opportunities at Hong Kong Optical Fair


The grand opening of the HongKong Optical Fair 2016 took place on November 9th, 2016 with the number ofvisiting buyers reaching almost 10,000 on just day 1. This year's event saw 780exhibitors from 28 countries, including first-timers from Indonesia, Poland,and South Africa, who showcased their latest optical designs and technology.There were also regional pavilions set up by the exhibitors from Taiwan, China,Europe, North America, Japan, and Korea, as well as a designated gallery heldby the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association and the VOS Salon.

Taiwan has always had a solidfoundation in the optical industry; the Taiwanese optical industry used tofocus on OEM operations, but has shifted its focus to designing andestablishing its own brands. Many of the Taiwanese optical companies at theshow were part of a delegation led by the Taiwan Spectacles IndustryAssociation (TSIA). This year, there were 50 optical companies in the TSIAdelegation. In addition, this year marked the first attendance by the TaiwanExternal Trade Development Council, with the organization supporting thepromotion of Taiwanese optical products. The high-quality sports glasses, reading glasses, kids' glasses, and contact lenses showcased by the Taiwaneseexhibitors generated much interest among the fair's Japanese, European, andNorth American visitors.

A new addition to this year'sevent was Brand Name Gallery located on the 3rd level of the Hong KongConvention and Exhibition Centre. The gallery featured exhibits from over 200brands in the optical industry. In addition to finished products such as readingglasses and contact lenses, the gallery also featured the latest manufacturingand processing equipment as well as new materials, diagnostic instrument andeven hearing aids. One of the highlights of the exhibit were the 3D-printedglasses on display, which illustrated the new possibilities for optical designand production.

The Bureau of Foreign Trade ofthe Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has assigned the TAITRA to helpencourage Taiwanese optical companies to explore new business opportunities usingthe internet. TAITRA, in a joint effort with the TSIA, has set up theTaiwantrade Optical Zone, which is an internet platform that allows Taiwaneseoptical companies to showcase their products all year round. The platform waslaunched in March 2016. Its database currently includes over 3,000 pages ofproduct catalog and 245 companies, and it is constantly growing. The jointeffort of TAITRA and TSIA in promoting the platform enabled buyers at the fairto understand how to find Taiwanese optical suppliers efficiently and quicklyon the Taiwantrade Optical Zone platform. A dedicated agent was stationed atthe fair to explain to the visitors about the platform's free online videomeeting service which gives buyers and sellers the chance to meet and interactin real-time. The service is a convenient platform for buyers to meet withsuppliers for the first time without having to travel all the way to Taiwan inperson.

The Hong Kong Optical Fair isthe world's third largest optical exhibition. Attracting large number of buyersfrom Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, the fairhas become an important trading platform for Taiwanese optical companies. Withplenty of tech innovation on display, Taiwan's excellent optical products managedto stand out among the huge selection of products at the fair. There weresunglasses and lenses from Jaan Lih Optical Co., Ltd, screwless frames fromEagle Optical Tech, adjustable sports glasses from QEF Design, kids' glassesfrom Victory Eyewear, ski mirrors and necklace reading glasses from TaiwanTech, one-piece multifocal reading glasses from Million Hu Corporation, andsunglasses and sports goggles from Yungming and Hongyi.

A variety of activities werealso held on the sidelines of the fair this year, including the Hong KongOptometric Conference, the Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition, and eyewearfashion shows.

source: optical.taiwantrade.com